The Power of the Quill

Give yourself or someone you love the chance to experience this unique journey back to the Revolutionary War.

The Power of the Quill:

“The Power of the Quill” is a story of the earlier part of the Revolutionary War. The hero / heroine, is transported back in time and must help some of the true heroes of the Revolution as they work through some struggles and growing pains. Give yourself or someone you love the chance to experience this unique journey.

Ordering a personalized copy of the “The Power of the Quill” is both easy and very inexpensive. Give the gift of a personalized copy where the reader is made the hero / heroine of the story and learns some things along the way. While the story is geared more for 10-12 years of age, anyone would enjoy a story about travelling back in time to participate in history as it unfolds.

Book Overview:

The reader receives a chest filled with many antique articles from an older family friend (also a character in the story.  It could be a grandparent, aunt, uncle, neighbor, or whomever you choose).  Using an article from the chest, two friends travel back through time where they become participants in the early stages of the Revolutionary War.  Along the way they learn some history from Benjamin Franklin, help Thomas Jefferson overcome a case of writer’s block, and reassure a struggling Commander-in-Chief.  They do all this and still manage to make it back home in time for supper.

This 90 page book is long enough to tell a great story, and short enough to maintain the reader’s attention.

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